Cygnus “Bells” It Big Time At The “2011 Aegis Graham Bell Awards”

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They say that hard work and constant striving to make a marked difference in one’s chosen field always pays off in the end. Cygnus It Solutions, one of the more practically visionary IT firms in recent times, got its first stab at nationwide recognition by proving to be one of the finalists at the Prestigious Aegis Graham Bell Award under the “Innovative Value Added Service” category, held in the year 2011. Alexander Graham Bell was a man way ahead of his times, a man with unparalleled imagination and a feverish dream to “change the world” as we knew it then. So make no mistake, being the finalist for such an award is no small feat, considering the fact that its been barely a few years since Cygnus started its operations.
What brought them Recognition?
The Aegis Graham Bell award is awarded every year to companies who dare to think beyond the ordinary and beyond the realms of the “common mind” and its given to those who strive to excel in the field of TELECOM, INTERNET, MEDIA and EDUTAINMENT. Cygnus IT Solutions are the proud creators of “CAS” which refers to “CONTENT AGGREGATION SYSTEM”. This Unique and innovative system has been mainly designed to act as a sturdy bridge between the Content Providers and the Service Providers. CAS is all about saving time, money and energy of the Service and the Content Providers by facilitating smooth and automatic flow of content without any hassles. It’s “user friendly” and makes for accessible and efficient work.
With such an “admirable” work under its belt, Cygnus aims to achieves better and bigger results in the future and their team members popularily say “we are not here for the awards, we are here to serve our customers and create a lasting impression”

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