GSMA Mobile Economy India Report 2013

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The GSM Association has said that for the nearly 900 million mobile connections in India, there are only 350 million subscribers. Some data points from the report, which you can download here, even though we don’t find their data reliable:
- GDP: The Mobile ecosystem generates approx 5.3 per cent of GDP for India. By 2020, it will contribute $400 billion to India’s GDP, and invest $9 billion in Infrastructure, and $34 billion to public funding.
- Employment: The Mobile ecosystem supports 730,000 jobs directly and 2 million jobs indirectly. By 2020, it will create 4.1 million additional jobs.
- 3G and 4G adoption is projected to increase by 31 per cent – from 107 million 3G and 4G connections in 2013 to 409 million connections in 2017.

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