It’s “Educative Enlightenment” for Cygnus at the Bell Award

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There are those who go the same old beaten path and then there are those who believe in their beliefs and think of the world as a canvas with loads of space to paint. Cygnus IT solutions belong to the latter kind, where “innovation” takes precedence over everything else. At the 2012 Aegis Graham Bell Award Nominations, it was proved that Education in India need not be bland, boring, tedious, cumbersome and highly stressful. The revolutionary “EduPlay” Application by Cygnus was nominated under the mEducation/Online Education category and this nomination was a testimony for the hard work and persistence than went behind its making.
EduPlay wishes to makes Education entertaining and livelier through the use of various attractive and participatory measures which would make the students “excited at the thought of education”. This unique application wishes to remove the pressure and non-flexibility quotient out of studies by making it accessible through the BEST FRIENDS OF TODAY’S GENERATION, which are “MOBILE PHONES, TABLETS AND COMPUTERS”. Every student today is the proud owner of a Smartphone or a sleek Laptop and parents are unable to stop them from becoming addicted to these Gizmos. So How about delivering their daily classroom lessons directly into their Gizmo Screen?
EduPlay wishes to change the face of “modern Education System” by providing an efficient solution. The Graham Bell Nomination doesn’t really come as a surprise, because the legendary Bell would have himself admired this sweet little innovation.

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