Padoosi : Lets bridge gap between floors and flats is an online social networking website, primarily meant for the residents of various co-operative housing societies in the country. Our aim to bring all those residing together a little more closer to each other and create a genuine feeling of belonging to a society. It offers all the tools and functionalities of a regular social networking website sprinkled with a few additional exciting features that are brought in to emphasize on the daily operations ,management, events, celebrations and other happenings in and around housing societies.


  • Connect : This functionality allows all the society members to connect with their immediate neighbors and contact all connected primary society members across different locations.
  • Share : This option permits users to share their society information, chat with each other , share documents or information, seek advices.
  • Events : Using this feature, a user can create events, organize an event in the society, invite every member, load videos or photos of the event, update about the happenings of the event arrives.
  • Groups : With this in hand, a user can create groups based on his preference, add rights to each member and share feedbacks within the group. Other society members can be added to individual groups thus making connecting with each other very easy.
  • Fun : All those interested in seeking a little bit of fun can make use of this functionality which will enable them to discuss about society club events, travel and holidays, fun activities for children within the societies, kitty parties, leisure and fitness centers etc.
  • Complaints / Polls / Surveys : This place is reserved for people who want to complain to the authorities, conduct polls and surveys. They can seek support from other members of the society.
  • Utility Payment : Users can pay their utility bills and other bills online. The payment gateway integrated with this platform can assist in a secure, easy and hassle free payment of bills and enable online purchasing.
  • Advertisements : An individual or a firm can advertise about a service, their business, products offered by them.
  • Reviews : This feature enables a user to comment and post a review about a product or a service that may be useful for the other members.