Trai vas activations

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Activation of mobile Value Added Services have declined by 59.93 percent since India’s telecom regulator TRAI enforced a fresh set of guidelines in July 2013. The number of activations declined 56% from 69,003,586 in June 2013 to 29,878,733 in July, and another 7.45% between June and July to 27,651,715. More importantly:

- The number of Mobile VAS complaints have declined by 91% between June and August 2013, and 87% between July and August 2013.
- Complaints related to activation, as a percentage of activation, declined from 0.25% to 0.03%. This means that in August 2013, complaints were registered only for 0.03% of VAS.
- Complaints related to activation, as a percentage of total VAS complaints declined from 40.5% in July 2013 to 9.78%. This means that prior to the July 2013 guidelines, Activation accounted for as much as 40.5% of total VAS complaints.

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